All hail the A-line skirt. I don't know whether it's just me but this type of skirt does me a few favours in terms of being flattering so I tend not to say no to bagging a new one. I can't say I'm the figure hugging, body-con type so when fashion pulls a skirt that goes out instead of in, out of the bag I'm pretty keen. 

I picked up this little denim number from Zara after a long search for one that wasn't too ridiculously short like the ones I had previously found in Topshop, UO and on ASOS. I teamed it with a little crop top so you could see the full silohette of the skirt and also made it a little tighter at the waist with a tan, cowboy-esque belt. Take a little look at a few photos of how I wore it. 

Top - Zara | Skirt - Zara | Belt - Cow Vintage | Rings - H&M, ASOS & Brandy Mellville USA | Bag - Mulberry | Shoes - Mango

I can't wait to style this skirt with some white lace tops and my cute gladiator or fringed sandals for the summer. How do you style yours?



This could be Rotterdam or anywhere... Liverpool or Rome... 'cause Rotterdam is anywhere... anywhere alone...

I know, I know where the hell is Rotterdam I hear you cry? Well, it is a lovely city in Holland. (If you knew where it was already, then 10 brownie points because I only recently found out!) It's not too far from Amsterdam so if you can shy away from the Dam for a short while it's worth a little visit. Oh and also don't think I'm going crazy... those words up there^^ are lyrics from a song - get to know.

Let's get down to the point of this post... just a little guide to what's hip hop and happening in the other Dam in Holland. Mainly featuring things I did so you guys can have some photo references.


                                                     WHERE TO GRAB A DRINK //

De Witte Aap

A cute little bar in a very arty farty area, which just so happened to be voted one of the "Best bars in the world!" Yes, you heard me correctly, best bar in the world. Despite this being a lovely place to sit in/outside and have a beer I don't know if I would give it that kind of status. Although if you don't have too high expectations and you are just looking for somewhere nice to grab a drink with a nice atmosphere, then this is probably the place for you.




Rotterdam is home to this magical, little (quite big) place called Markthal which is essentially an indoor, tastefully designed, market with lovely fresh food, drinks and yummy restaurants. I have tried a few of the bits of food from the different counters but we ate dinner at a lovely little Italian restaurant located to one side of the Market. I would definitely recommend... great wine and a yummy Prawn Noir Tagliatelle! People have previously commented on the fact I am a bit of a food snob but I would just say I am more of a lover of good food.. so if you're after some, head here. Plus I have been to an endless amount of Italian restaurants and considering it's not located in Italy - they have done a pretty good job. 



Citizen M

We stayed in the cutest Hotel called Citizen M in Rotterdam - definitely one worth staying in! They class themselves as offering affordable luxury and I would agree. I loved their little random touches around the hotel like the quotes on the walls and also little notes to the guests. For example as you walk into the hotel there is a mat on the floor which says "Citizen M says nice shoes." I am always a fan of seeing a hotel or brand do something different. The hotel is sophisticated with quirky designs dotted around. Anything from their spiral staircase to funky furniture.



The Architecture

My impression of Rotterdam was that it is home to a lot of different architecture that makes you stop in your stride and take a quick photo - like you can see this is something I did a few times. The view across the river looking at the buildings isn't quite a New York skyline scene but is pretty lovely. Talking of New York there is Hotel New York in Rotterdam which is worth paying a visit to. It is one of the oldest buildings in Rotterdam and even has water taxis at the ready to take you from the opposite side of the river to it. (Warning: The water taxi experience is quite a wild ride.) 



Fenix Food Factory & Posse

There are two great warehouse/factory like places which are great to grab a good cup of coffee when you are in need. Both places have great decor, offer something different when it comes to surroundings and also have a cool atmosphere when you're sitting either in or outside. What makes things even easier is that they are around the corner from each other. This sign couldn't be any more right...




Rotterdam is still pretty chilly in the months approaching summer so it is definitely still worth grabbing your coat and scarf for the ride, because if you are anything like me in terms of feeling the cold, you won't be happy without a coat!

I hope this post came in a little handy for anyone thinking of visiting Holland/ Rotterdam. If you've been before - where do you like to visit?


The Stroopwafel

Last weekend I took another trip to Holland and found myself doing even more exploring! The thing I've noticed about Holland is that even when the sun is shining and it's beautifully bright and sunny, it is still ridiculously cold! The wind just tears straight through you and even though you may have been misled in to thinking you've got any chance of coping outside without a jacket, you definitely haven't! 

So my outfit had to include a jacket and as ever I am wearing lots of bright and lively colours! I stuck to pretty casual, comfy clothes as there was a lot of cycling involved in the day's antics so jeans and my Clarks were a must. And then I threw a hat and some sunnies on... just because I can and why the hell not.

Hat - Topshop | Jacket - Topshop | Blouse - Zara | Jeans - Urban Outfitters | Shoes - Clarks Originals | Aviator sunglasses - RayBan | Black sunglasses - Quay

Cue a quick change of sunglasses ^^^

Me modelling a Stroopwafel in Leiden.

As far as I'm concerned, whilst in Holland, there is no better outfit accessory than a Stroopwafel. The combination of caramel and waffle is pretty much heroic and if you've not had a taste yet, I would definitely recommend. I feel like I would be letting down the dutch culture if I didn't eat one every day whilst staying in their country. What do they say? A Stroopwafel a day keeps the doctor away? Ha, I wish.

Keep your eyes peeled for another post about my recent trip - I will be posting again soon.


70's Wishlist

70's Vibe

Jacket - Mango | Flared Jeans - Topshop | T-shirt - Reformation | Sandals - Forever 21 | Bag - Chloe | Sunglasses - Miu Miu

Ughh, I have been lusting over one of these Chloe bags for so long and then I see photos of everyone at Coachella wearing it and they all seemed to want to rub it in my face that I don't own one and now probably everyone but me does. Wahhhh cry.

Only joking, I can't really complain I have a pretty nice collection of snazzy bags I'm sure I don't need to buy another one ( Who am I kidding?? There is always room for more!)

Anywhooo, moving onwards and upwards to the fact I still haven't invested in a pair of flares but I feel like the time has come and these yummy Topshop, perfect shade of denim blue, are the ones for me. Just to add a little more 70's flavour I would definitely team the flares with this little tan suede number and some matching tan lace up sandals. Buying pretty much anything that is suede or lace up is a score this season so I think I may be onto a winner here. I thought I would make the outfit a little more casual with this classic white "feelings" t-shirt from my favourite brand Reformation because who doesn't want "feelings" tattooed above their boob. I finished my wishlist off with a pair of shiny, Lennon-esque sunglasses to look make sure the outfit looks the part.

What do you think? Are any of these items on your wishlist?



Jacket - Whistles | T-shirt - Whistles | Trousers - H&M | Shoes - Birkenstock | Bag - Mulberry | Sunglasses - Karen Walker 

Considering I have been a loyal devotee to the skinnies for as long a I can remember, the transition into purchasing and wearing any other cut hasn't been easy to say the least. I have been on the search for a casual and easy pair of wide leg trousers for a while now (I've probably been trying to put it off) and today was the day I finally took the plunge and oh my they are so freeing - I feel like my legs can finally breathe!

In other news, Britain has (at long last) witnessed a dash of sunshine this week and of course the first two products to creep out of my closet were my classic Karen Walker shades and comfy Birkenstocks. I didn't want to be too much of a classic 'Brit' and wear fluorescent colours and short shorts just because there was a slight glimpse of sunshine, so I kept to the black theme. 

Anyway, ÇA VA? Yeah I thought so.



I thought I would write a quick post about how easy it is to make a statement with casual black skinny jeans and a simple striped top. I don't think I know any sane human being that doesn't own a striped top, it is pretty much essential. I decided to team mine with a vintage khaki jacket, silver jewellery and statement snake skin details in my bag and shoes. & below is the result...

Note: If you don't own a striped top, (which I definitely don't believe could be true) please take a minute to reassess where your life is going.

Jacket - Vintage | Top - Whistles | Jeans - Topshop | Shoes - Clarks Originals | Bag - Mulberry | Necklaces - Topshop | Rings - H&M

Whatchaa think? I'd love to know how you style your striped tops...



Ever since we started to hear about the denim trend for SS15 I naturally perked up and became excited about attempting to pull off double denim and constantly live in the comfort of denim overalls. 

I thought I would create a quick polyvore of my top picks of denim at the moment so I could share what denim I've been dreaming about purchasing.
Clockwise | Topshop Black Denim Moto Lace-up Dress - £40 | Whistles Leander Denim Frayed Trousers - £230 | Topshop Moto Black Denim Dungarees - £45 | ASOS White Bleach Denim Jacket - £60 | The Kety Allure AG Jeans - £120 | Zara Embroidered Denim Dress £45.99 

Just so you know, I already caved and gave in to purchasing the Denim Dungarees from Topshop. Whoops.

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